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Facts that are not widely known by most of the individuals about car insurance

Knowing everything about car insurance plan is not feasible, especially if you are a commoner. Many things that a plan covers but you may now know about it. To name a few of those facts are:

  • No personal belongings are covered, if insured car gets stolen or damaged in an accident. Therefore, before purchasing the policy, you must make sure you have all your items insured, which you carry the most like cell phone, laptop, GPS unit and other important essentials.
  • Generally, diminished value claims are offered to the person, who receives damage from the insurer, who is found at fault in the accident.
  • Coverage plans may or may not cover the insurance of pets, if you are travelling along with them. Therefore, before purchasing policy, you must check with your insurance company that do they cover pets insurance in it or not.
  • Paying fees of coverage annually or semi-annually help grant discounts to customers by the insurance company. Therefore, monthly installments can cost heavy on your pocket, as compared to paying for the policy every six months.
  • If vehicle has damaged completely in an accident, tax and registration fees of vehicle may be covered by insurance company.